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Whether you plan to visit, work or simply join your partner in the UK, we can help you.

At Immigrate UK, we understand that applying for a UK family is a life changing event. That’s why we have UK Immigration Solicitors, Lawyers and Barristers waiting to help you with the complex rules and regulations of the UK Family Visa application process.

Find out if you can visit or remain in the UK through the UK family visa route. See which category best suits your situation.

UK Ancestry Visas

For individuals whom have ancestors that were born in the UK.

UK dependency visa

For individuals whom rely on the support of a UK citizen.

UK spouse visa

For couples with a registered marriage such as husband or wife.

UK defacto/ unmarried partner visa

For both heterosexual and same sex couples that have been living together for a minimum of two years.

UK fiancé visa

For the Fiancé of a British Citizen or settled person in the UK, allowing them to apply for their Fiancé to come and join them in the United Kingdom providing that they intend to marry within 6months of entering the UK.

If you are not sure about how you should complete your UK family visa application, then why risk getting it wrong? Our experienced network of immigration experts can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful self-application.

Our network of lawyers offers expert help with your UK family visa application. We help thousands of applicants like you, every year. 

Our service is unique and totally tailored to you. Our lawyers will be your personal lawyers. From your first telephone call you will be given a clear and honest assessment of your case.

Call now on 0330 029 2398, we are waiting to help you.

How we can help you:

  • Provide you with a detailed review of your circumstances to establish the strengths and weaknesses of your Spouse Visa application.
  • Advising you (and/or your Spouse) on relevant application information.
  • Ensure all supporting information for your UK Spouse Visa application is correct.
  • Professional preparation and completion of your UK Spouse Visa application.
  • Professional submission of your UK Spouse Visa application.
  • Access to a 24/7 online case management system – allowing you to track the progress of your UK Spouse Visa application at all times

How to Apply

It's simple. Complete the on-screen UK Visa assessment form, answering the simple questions and then press submit. We will then look at your details and call you back to discuss your options.

Alternatively, call us on 0330 029 2398 , speak to a legal administrator who will take a few basic details before referring your case to an immigration specialist from our network.

All communication is 100% confidential and secure.

Why Choose Us?  

  • Immigrate UK are market leaders in the UK Immigration industry. We achieve excellent results far above the industry standard. Our procedures are fast and efficient, resulting in moving your immigration case towards a successful resolution.
  • At Immigrate UK we aim for the highest standards. We do not charge any form of document opening fee or up front administration charge.
  • Our network of Immigration Lawyers expands across major cities in the UK including: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bradford and Leicester.

How our network of Lawyers compares:

Immigrate UK

Home Office

Practical assistance with your UK Family Visa application. NO – You are provided with a set of guidance notes only.
Working towards a successful outcome. NO – The Home Office first looks for reasons to refuse.
Free case assessment. NO – There will be no initial review of your circumstances before sending an application.


If you are visiting the UK you must ensure your visa has been granted prior to travelling. There are over 30 different types of UK Visas; you must ensure you meet the requirements and criteria for the one that matches the purpose of your visit.

Each category of visa has its own unique set of criteria but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Assets
  • Relations in UK
  • English language ability
  • Accommodation
  • Maintenance level

Now that you've read some of the requirements, let us help you with your application…

Simply call us on 0330 029 2398
and our assessment team will ask you for some basic details and pass these on to one of our exclusive network of Immigration Specialists.

, fill in our easy on-screen assessment form on the top right hand side of this page and one of our immigration specialists will call you.

For further information please get in touch with our dedicated team.
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